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Benfield Homes are always looking for new sites to develop. In fact, acquiring future building land is one of our special areas of expertise. We find most of our land through negotiation. Potential sites may include:

   •   Readily developable land with planning permission and infrastructure in place.
   •   Possible future development land where the planning and infrastructure needs to be resolved.

We have an excellent track record of dealing with the problems of potential forward land, particularly in Shropshire. We have also been very successful in achieving an uplift in land asset value for landowners. For instance, we have brought forward many difficult and brownfield sites in the county.

Depending on the size of the site, location and other factors, we may be able to pay the fees for planning, specialist consultancy, architecture and our own in-house expenses, in exchange for a pre-agreed legal option to buy the land

Heads you win, tails you win

An option can guarantee the land over a specific sale price if we can overcome the infrastructure and planning problems to our satisfaction within an agreed timescale.

If we don't buy the land within the option period, the land owner keeps the fee and is free to offer the land elsewhere if they wish to. So in effect, the land owner has a deal which is 'heads you win and tails you win'.


If you know of any potential land which might be suitable for residential development, please contact us. In some cases, we can offer an introductory payment if we eventually buy the site.

Alternatively, if you already own possible future development land, we may be able to make the most of its asset value.

Just email Clive Benfield with your contact details and we will call you for an initial chat.

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