Part exchanging a house is very similar to part exchanging a car. There’s no stress, just a straightforward move for you and your family. Our part exchange service means you could be moved into your new Benfield Home sooner rather than later.

To part exchange you need to be a home owner already looking to purchase a new home.

Part exchange allows home purchasers to move into their new homes without the worry of selling their house separately through a chain. It brings certainty to your move as you don’t have to worry about when your house will be sold, which can be a real hassle, and take the excitement away of moving into your new home. It also gives you some flexibility to the timing of your move, meaning you don’t have to find temporary accommodation if your new home is still under construction, increasing your overall costs.

Whether you are moving up the ladder to a larger house or downsizing to a smaller home, part exchange allows you to move at your own pace and move into your home when you want. What’s more, our team will provide you with all the support and expertise you need to help the exchange of your home go as smoothly as possible, leaving you more time to focus on your new move!

Why Part Exchange with Benfield Homes?

  • No estate agent fees: Working with us will reduce your costs of moving home, as there will be no, often costly, estate agent fees
  • Move home quicker!: As you already have a buyer for your new home, you’ll be free to move into your new Benfield Home as soon as it’s ready
  • No chain: With no worry of a potential buyer pulling out of the sale, causing you unwanted headaches, your move can go ahead as planned without the stress of a chain

Contact our Sales team today to learn more about Part Exchange with Benfield Homes.

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