We’re proud to design homes that help to reduce carbon emissions and reduce energy bills for our owners.

We have invested in enhancing the energy efficiency of our homes, and all homes at our Merynton Place development have been built with Solar PV roof units. This means that our homes achieve a 10% carbon emission reduction. Not only does this help the environment, and allow us to be sympathetic to the areas in which we develop; but it also means that we can help reduce the outgoings of our buyers.*

What are the benefits?

Reduce impact on the environment: Solar panels have the least impact on the environment, compared to other energy sources. They do not emit greenhouse gases, and as a result, do not pollute water within the home.

Reduce energy bills: More homeowners than ever are realising the benefits on greener energy. Not only does this allow homeowners to do their bit for the environment, but green energy can also massively reduce your energy bills – giving you more spend on the things you love within your new Benfield Home!

Energy for the whole home: As long as there is sunshine, your panels will receive a charge to produce energy for your home. Our panels do not provide 100% electricity for your home, but they will provide an additional source, providing a backup in instances where there is a power shortage, or during peak usage times.

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*Please be aware that the Solar PV panels in our homes do not provide 100% electricity to each home.

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